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Since it was founded by the Romans in the year 138. BC Valencia has accumulated enormous wealth from the different cultures that have lived (Visigothic, Muslim …). Stroll through Valencia and feel the plurality evolution of a city in which the legacies of its rich history coexist harmoniously with the recent and innovative architecture.

Walking through the historic center, see civic monuments and religious shrines Gothic, Baroque, Modernist …, stopping at museums or admire such landmark projects as the City of Arts and Sciences and the Palacio de Congresos, are just some of the many proposals Valencia offers visitors.

Valencia, symbol of the Third Millennium is a modern, scientific and technological city, as evidenced by its splendid facilities and the fact that, today, one of the most important industrial centers of the Mediterranean.

This attractive city by the Mediterranean will find mild temperatures, a rich gastronomy, festivals and traditions that are kept alive, a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

Visit Valencia and enjoy the pleasant surprises that await you.



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